Caps, Valve Guards and Neck Rings

Caps and valve guards are essential to protecting valves from accidental, if often un-noticed, damage. Though seemingly parts that merely grant a gas cylinder an added aesthetic touch or that help its valve keep a degree of cleanliness when in storage, caps and valve guards are critical to ensuring that anything from inconspicuous to dramatic contact does not result in damaged, and therefore unusable, valves and cylinders. This is especially important when it is taken into account that many gas cylinders are used within life support systems or to contain powerful fuels. Though obvious, traumatic damage is often witnessed or revealed through even brief inspections, the sort of subtle damage that comes from incidental contact can also endanger lives and industrial operations. Quality caps and valve guards, therefore, are an essential element of any safe use of pressurized gas and liquid cylinders.

At Cyl-Tec, we understand the importance such cylinder caps and valve guards play in securing the safety of our customers. It's for this reason that we offer a variety of caps and guards that are designed for both low and high pressure cylinders, including fine and coarsely threaded high pressure cylinder caps and finely threaded low pressure cylinder caps. Because the safe storage of pressurized cylinders also requires that they be easy to handle, secure, identify, and organize, we also carry a complete line of valve guard and cylinder carry handles, custom embossed neck rings, blank neck rings, and custom embossed neck sleeves.

To learn more about how we can help secure your pressurized cylinders, contact Cyl-Tec directly at 888-429-5832.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Parts
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  • High pressure fine thread cylinder caps
  • High pressure course thread cylinder caps
  • Low pressure fine thread cylinder caps
  • Valve guards and cylinder carry handles
  • Custom embossed neck rings
  • Blank neck rings
  • Custom embossed neck sleeves