Acetylene Cylinders

As acetylene, which is burned with oxygen to produce an intense flame with a temperature of up to 6300 degrees Fahrenheit during most Oxy-fuel welding and cutting processes, is highly unstable at elevated pressure levels, it must be stored and transported in specially designed and manufactured cylinders. Such acetylene cylinders, which are loaded with porous materials and filled up to 50% of their capacity with acetone, are intended to keep acetylene in a dissolved state during shipping. This enables the highly potent fuel, which is used for brazing, braze-welding, soldering and cutting as well as metal preparation, to remain relatively portable in comparison to arc-welding methods that require work to be carried out near a steady electrical supply. It should be noted for safety reasons, however, that due to increases in ambient pressure at depths below 33 feet, hydrogen is generally used for underwater oxy-fuel cutting in lieu of acetylene.

Though acetylene-fueled welding equipment, including tanks, should always be handled with extreme caution and professionalism, Cyl-Tec takes pride in being able to supply our clients with safe, U.S.D.O.T. and T.C. approved cylinders that meet the highest design and manufacturing standards. These cylinders range in size from the Model 10 CF (MC), with a capacity for 10 cubic feet of acetylene and 1.30 pounds of acetone, to the Model 250 CF, which can carry up to 250 cubic feet of fuel mixed with 30.8 pounds of acetone. The small Model 10 CF cylinders, which have a height of 15.40", are particularly popular with repairmen who must weld and cut spots in remote, often elevated places such as at the top of towers and telephone poles. Larger tanks, like the Model 75, 145, and 250 CF cylinders, are generally found in metal fabrication shops, factories, and shipyards.

In addition to the safety and quality afforded to our acetylene cylinders by their design, Cyl-Tec also produces tanks with asbestos free porous masses, only. This commitment to our customers is extended to the other value-added services we provide with all of our gas cylinder products, including the option for a one color, professional coat of paint and custom shoulder stamping of up to 10 characters at no additional charge. We even offer a free, protective cylinder cap on all models sized over 75 CF and high quality cylinder valves that can be installed on any order at the client's request.

Beyond the inherent virtues reflected by the NEW Standard in design of our various acetylene cylinders, the strength of Cyl-Tec's overall operations, including the knowledge of our highly trained customer service and support staff, also enhances the ordering experiences of everyone we supply, be they a major manufacturer, utility service, or even a small metalworking shop. Because we have two large warehouses that are always stocked with every standard cylinder size, we're able to ship any order across the world quickly. Our logistical strengths also enable us to wave freight charges on any order of 100 or more cylinders.

For more information on our highly durable, reliable, and safe acetylene cylinders, businesses, contractors, and metal fabrication shops that depend on oxy-fuel welding fuel cylinders can contact Cyl-Tec directly at 888-429-5832.

Acetylene Cylinders
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  • All cylinders are U.S.D.O.T. and T.C. approved
  • Asbestos free porous mass

Value Added

  • Best value in the industry
  • All size 75CF and larger cylinders come with a free protective cylinder cap
  • Professional one color custom paint job at no additional charge
  • Professional custom shoulder stamping available - Up to 10 characters at no additional charge
  • Free freight on shipments of 100 or more cylinders
  • High quality cylinder valve with professional installation available


  • All standard sizes of cylinder are in stock
  • 2 large stocking warehouses
  • The most reliable and knowledgeable customer service
  • Quick worldwide ship program
MODEL 10 CF (MC) 40 CF (B)
40 CF (B)
(big flange)
75 CF 145 CF 250 CF
Cubic Feet 10 40 40 75 145 250
Cubic Meters 0.28 1.13 1.1 2.12 4.1 7.08
Pounds 0.68 2.72 2.72 5.1 9.68 17.01
Kilograms 0.308 1.234 1.234 2.313 4.472 7.71
Cubic Inches 122 470 470 855 1538 2652
Pounds Water 4.39 16.92 16.92 30.79 55.38 95.5
Liters 2 7.7 7.7 14 25.21 43.4
Inches 3.81 6.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 10.00
Millimeters 96.77 152.4 152.4 177.8 203.2 254
Inches 0.074 0.098 0.098 0.104 0.112 0.135
Millimeters 1.88 2.49 2.49 2.64 2.84 3.4
Height W/O
Cap & Valve
Inches 13.40 19.8 20.25 25.5 34.25 38
Millimeters 340.36 502.92 514.35 647.7 869.95 965.2
Inches 15.40 23.2 25.75 30.75 39.5 43.25
Millimeters 391.16 589.28 654.04 781.05 1003.3 1098.6
Acetone Pounds 1.30 5.1 5.1 9.3 17.9 30.8
Kilograms 0.59 2.313 2.313 4.218 8.12 13.97
Tare Weight
W/O Cap
Pounds 7.68 23.75 27.85 43.3 75.5 117.5
Kilograms 3.48 10.773 12.632 19.64 34.25 53.30
Pounds 7.64 23.62 29.87 45.22 77.2 118.88
Kilograms 3.46 10.71 13.55 20.51 35.02 53.92